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Energy data business Stark appoints Steve Jennings as non-executive director

BGF News 03.13.2021

In March 2021, BGF completed a multi-million-pound investment in Stark, an energy data and analytics service provider based in Horley, Surrey.

Established 40 years ago, Stark collects, processes, assures and distributes data representing around 20% of the UK’s electricity supply daily. It serves over 30,000 organisations, including large energy users, intermediaries and energy suppliers.

BGF’s funding will be used to consolidate and expand Stark’s data, analytics and metering service, as well as address emerging data-driven opportunities around the delivery of the UK’s net zero strategy.

Alongside the funding, Steve Jennings, former head of energy and utilities at PwC and non-executive director of BGF-backed Cornwall Insight, has joined Stark’s board as a non-executive director. Steve was introduced to Stark by BGF’s Talent Network team, one of the UK’s largest pools of non-executive directors.

Steve specialises in the energy and utilities sector, working for companies involved in the energy transition, including data and technology services, research and consultancy, advanced metering and smart devices, and low carbon infrastructure. He has recently focused on the energy transition challenges and the impact of net zero targets.

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