Supporting female founder initiatives across the UK & Ireland

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BGF’s unrivalled network reaches all corners of the UK & Ireland.

We believe growing businesses deserve the best possible support. That’s why we’ve built a network that provides access to expertise, guidance and knowledge, whatever the sector or situation.

Our connections range from board-level executives, strategic partners and corporate advisors to policy makers, angel investors and sector experts. BGF’s Talent Network is a group of highly successful business leaders working across the UK and Ireland. Some have started, grown and sold their own successful companies while others have risen to the top of large multinationals. All are experts in their fields.

Our Talent Network is broad ranging in experience and personality. The people within our network take Chair and non-executive director roles at BGF-backed companies, or provide flexible, interim leadership. They introduce us to exciting businesses and entrepreneurs and share market, commercial and financial insight.

Beyond this, we also nurture an Adviser Network, a wide range of Strategic Partnerships and Sponsorships. These connections extend our impact and help us reach more growing businesses across the UK and Ireland.