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Dr Amrit Chandan, CEO of Aceleron
Climate & sustainability | Midlands

Dr Amrit Chandan is Co-Founder and CEO of Aceleron. The Midlands-based business is at the forefront of sustainable and reusable battery solutions in the UK.

Battery storage is a key enabler for renewable energy, electric vehicles and other clean technologies. The global market is already worth $59bn and is forecast to grow ten times to $546bn by 2035.

However, existing battery technology comes with a problem – battery waste. Most lithium-ion batteries are not designed to be reused or recycled at the end of their average 8-10 year lifespan. The global EV industry alone could create more than 11 million tonnes of battery waste a year in the next 20 years, enough to fill Wembley Stadium almost 20 times.

Aceleron’s innovative circular economy approach to energy storage is designing waste out of the battery manufacturing process, embedding additional sustainability and resilience. Aceleron’s batteries are designed to be repaired, reused and upgraded, rather than replaced, meaning that they are more resilient, reduce future waste and provide significantly better economics over a longer life cycle than conventional technologies, ultimately ensuring long-term sustainability.

BGF investment is helping them meet growing international demand, with plans to double its team over the coming year. The company will focus on deploying its products within emerging markets (Sub Sarahan Africa, Latin America), developed (UK, EU), and new (US, India) markets. The investment will enable further development of Aceleron’s circular economy batteries for use in commercial and industrial sectors.

BGF & Aceleron

In 2020, Aceleron received a £2m equity investment with £1.45m from BGF and the remainder from existing investor Mercia Asset Management. The investment will enable Aceleron to scale the production of its unique circular economy battery technology and expand its reach across global markets including the UK, Europe, Africa and Americas.

We want to blaze a trail for this new, more sustainable green economy. This investment will enable us to significantly increase production to meet growing global demand for truly sustainable battery technology to underpin the clean energy revolution