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invested in Irish businesses since 2017


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BGF is investing in Irish businesses from a dedicated fund of up to €250 million. We recognise that businesses do not just need money. We established our presence in Ireland in 2017 to develop meaningful partnerships with entrepreneurial Irish businesses. Our funding is different, too. As a minority investor and supportive partner, we don’t demand quick returns. We’re flexible with how we invest and we have a network of strategic partners that you can call upon at any time. It’s investment as it should be.

Irish SMEs need access to more patient sources of funding to support growth. BGF has a proven record of making investments in SME businesses.  Its model of investing combines long-term funding with a minority partnership which is particularly attractive to entrepreneurs who do not want to lose control of their business."

Leo Casey Head of Dublin office

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If you’re aiming to take your company to the next level, get in touch with BGF’s Dublin team. We are always on the lookout for opportunities to invest in Irish businesses across a range of industries as we continue our mission to empower business owners and become the most active investor in Ireland.

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