Kairos Group rebrand as NewGen, following significant investment

The global media group has secured a multi-million-pound investment from BGF, to drive new opportunities for growth and innovation.

17 June 2024

Global media group Kairos Group today rebrands as NewGen, as the business secures a multi-million-pound investment from BGF.

Founded in 2015, Kairos Group is a leading social agency for brands and creators, known for high-impact marketing campaigns targeting Gen Z and video gaming audiences. Its blue chip clients include PepsiCo, Porsche, Hasbro, and Samsung.

With offices in London, Manchester and New York, the group has grown significantly through international client wins and the strategic acquisitions of Kyma Media and Horizon Union. The consolidation of Kairos Media, Kyma Media and Horizon brings the individual agency functions closer together, standardising the processes and enhancing cross-functional collaboration.

Its new name, NewGen, reflects a demand for a new generation of agency that seamlessly bridges the gap between brands and creators. NewGen’s gaming credentials allow them to authentically tap and speak to sub and niche-communities, and provide top quality social and influencer support.

Commenting on the rebrand and investment, Mike Craddock, CEO and Co-Founder of NewGen, said: “This rebrand and repositioning is the start of the next journey for the business. NewGen was initially founded as a gaming influencer agency, however, over the last nine years, we have utilised that knowledge and experience of targeting niche audiences, and scaled this into other sectors and industries. We’re one of the only agencies in the world that can combine creators and brands under one roof.”

“NewGen has expanded far beyond gaming after nine years, as we’re constantly on the forefront of what’s new and what’s possible. Our ambition is to get our clients feeling comfortable with being out of their comfort zones, generating traction, engagement and impressive results for marketing campaigns that are changing the game.”

“As we venture into a new journey of the business, it felt only right that we partnered with people who shared our ambitious vision. Partnering with BGF was the natural alignment for us, as BGF not only shared a lot of our values, but when discussing the next steps for NewGen, BGF supported and believed in everything we wanted to achieve.”

The investment from BGF allows NewGen to further invest across its infrastructure, data, and technology platforms, driving new opportunities for growth and innovation across its services, intellectual property, and expertise within the creator economy.

Daina Spedding, Investor at BGF, added: “We are delighted to be working with NewGen on the next phase of their growth journey. The company has built an outstanding reputation and track record in the creator economy sector. This is an increasingly important and growing market, and one we have significant experience working in through prior investments. We look forward to supporting the team on this next exciting chapter.”

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