Supporting female founder initiatives across the UK & Ireland

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Talent Network

BGF’s Talent Network supports the growth of businesses across the UK & Ireland


network connections in diverse sectors and positions


chairs and non-execs appointed to company boards


of the network is based outside London

BGF’s Talent Network is one of the largest groups of board-level non-executives in the UK and Ireland. Our network is able to support companies with ad hoc advice, commercial insight and interim leadership. Each introduction is carefully researched and considered to ensure the best person for the job is put forward.

Matching ambitious companies with the brightest individuals

Much like our investments, we take a patient approach to helping companies find talent. We spend many years developing relationships with experienced chairs and non executive directors, only introducing them to companies when we know it’s the right fit. This focus on quality matchmaking means we aren’t afraid to challenge assumptions around what kind of person will work best in a role, taking a more creative approach when appropriate.

Our EFD Programme

Our market leading EFD programme is our network of Experienced Finance Directors and CFOs with whom we work on a consultancy basis both across the portfolio and when reviewing new investment opportunities. If you are an experienced CFO interested in following a consultancy, plural or non-executive career, then our EFD programme could be for you!

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Partner with BGF's Talent Network

If you’re looking for new talent to help your business take the next step forward, or want to join BGF’s growing national network of business leaders and board level non-execs, get in touch with us below.