Why mission matters – supporting entrepreneurs throughout the journey

Andy Gregory, CEO, and Ben Barker, Head of Portfolio, discuss BGF’s mission and how to get exits right.

26 June 2023

BGF was set up in a downturn to support UK and Irish entrepreneurs in realising their ambitions for growth. In today’s challenging market, we believe our mission is more important than ever. In this video, Andy Gregory, CEO of BGF, shares his thoughts about BGF’s purpose and recent performance.

A total investment of £444 million in 2022, including into 45 new companies, was a very strong performance. But as Andy explains, the volume and value of exits completed in the year is even more significant.

In this second video, below, Ben Barker, head of portfolio at BGF, discusses how the team at BGF succeeded in realising nearly £700 million by exiting 40 businesses last year. These exits happened because of careful planning and rigorous execution by the management teams of our portfolio businesses, who worked in partnership with BGF’s investment teams to achieve positive outcomes. Overall, the exits in 2022 realised a 2x money multiple.

Since inception, BGF has now invested more than £3.5 billion in over 500 companies. To date, we have realised £2 billion from close to 200 exits.

We believe the patient capital that we provide is the ideal choice for ambitious UK and Ireland-based entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next stage.

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