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Manufacturer of window coverings

Company overview

Decora is an established leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution of window coverings across the UK and Ireland.

The business has invested heavily in its manufacturing capacity and produces a market-leading range of standardised and bespoke window coverings, including blinds and shutters.


For all businesses, the past few months have been incredibly turbulent, but we are pleased to announce this positive news alongside BGF. We are fortunate to have a very robust and strong underlying business, and a brilliant and resilient team.​

Pre-Covid, we identified several strategic acquisition opportunities which we are continuing to explore. BGF has delivered on a partnership agreed before the onset of Covid which will put the business in a strong position to continue our growth strategy as the world adapts to the new normal.

Stuart Dickson, CEO

Company information

Head office
  • Lisburn
  • Stuart Dickson
  • John Davison
BGF office
Investment date
  • Jun 2020
Total BGF investment
  • £20 million