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An innovative ecommerce company

Company overview

Localised is local-first e-commerce for brands expanding globally. Localised builds, designs, hosts, operates, markets and optimizes completely localised e-commerce experiences for brands in foreign markets.

It is the first all-inclusive global e-commerce business, helping coveted brands go global by being local, in all respects. Localised is based in New York City, Toronto, London, Warsaw, Bucharest and Hong Kong.

This investment from BGF and Peter Jones will help Localised realize our own growth ambitions and together with our customers, help us shape the future of how we transact​ across borders.

Kris Green​, CEO

Company information

Head office
  • London
  • Kris Green
  • Peter Jones
BGF office
BGF team
Investment date
  • Mar 2020
Total BGF investment
  • £6.5 million