Springfield Healthcare Group

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Springfield Healthcare Group develops and manages care facilities across Yorkshire, Humberside and the North East. The company pioneered the care village model, offering a full range of care options from day care, residential, dementia and nursing care, combined with private independent living apartments.



Total BGF investment

£26 million

Investment date

Jun 2012

Head office



Mark Beadle

I turned down a few offers from private equity houses because​ the offers didn’t feel like the right fit.​ But BGF was confident in my growth plan. Other people I spoke​ to wanted to push the business harder but BGF never once said​ "we think you can be more aggressive". They just said, "we like​ this plan and we'll support it". That was very refreshing.​ When we’re looking to buy sites, their backing brings an extra layer of comfort to the external parties we deal with.
Graeme Lee​, CEO