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Two’s Company: Brian Williamson and James Faulds

BGF News 04.16.2015

Does a chief executive want their chairman to be a set of reigns, or a set of spurs? Brian Williamson, the managing director of Jumpstart, describes his chairman, James Faulds, as both.

Jumpstart was created to help companies make successful HMRC Research and Development (R&D) Tax Relief claims. It is now one of the UK’s leading R&D tax credit specialists

R&D was introduced in 2000 by then Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown. The company forms partnerships with UK-based accountancy firms and services both SMEs and larger companies in accessing R&D tax relief.

Jumpstart accepted a £3.4million investment from BGF for a minority stake in February 2014.

Brian Williamson recruited his chairman in the same rigorous way he recruits his employees. He needed someone who would bring something to the business. James demonstrated this immediately. He came in as an entrepreneurial chairman who could really figure out where the commercial success of the business lay.

Here, in The Telegraph’s Two’s Company series, Brain and James explore how their relationship alternates between spurs and reigns – and why they work well together:

Two’s Company: Brian Williamson and James Faulds.