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Broadband Satellite Services receives £6.3m in BGF funding

BGF News 07.18.2015

BGF invested £6.3m in satellite and telecommunications investment company, Broadband Satellite Services (BSS).

BSS is using the investment to accelerate its long-term growth strategy, further strengthening its position as a top tier distributor of satellite communications services to those requiring communications in remote environments where mainstream terrestrial networks are not available.

Through its wholly owned companies Satcom Global and AND Group, BSS supplies services to military, maritime, aeronautical and offshore customers as well as media and aid agencies across the world. It is a key global distribution partner for major Satellite Network Operators (SNOs) Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya. In addition, BSS provides value-added services for customers including installation and technical support as well as a suite of in-house developed solutions to enhance the application of satellite services in different sectors.

BSS was formed in 2012 through the acquisition of Satcom Group and AND Group, and is now one of the world’s largest mobile satellite communications providers. The Group will continue to identify high-growth acquisition and investment opportunities in the Mobile Satellite Services market to further strengthen BSS’s offering.

Headquartered in Newcastle, BSS has offices in Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, Phoenix, Brisbane, Perth, Athens and Moscow and employs more than 200 people globally.